Advantages of A Finished Basement

by Donald F. Norton 07/14/2019

A basement comes with many benefits, ranging from being a relaxation area to a quiet space where children can play, or other noisier activities like drum practice. A basement serves many purposes. To many, the additional living space is more than enough reason to finish it. To others, it can serve as an extra bedroom or living space for visitors.

Here are advantages of having a finished basement in your home:

Extra bedroom

If you live in a small home, a finished basement can serve as an additional bedroom, either for you or guest. To consider a basement a bedroom, it must have at least two ways to exit the property. This is important in case of an emergency. To be a bedroom, you have to build a closet.

Home value

A finished basement adds to the value of your home. In the US, on average, finishing a basement certainly increases the worth of your home to over 75 percent of your investment. If you put invest $10,000 into finishing a basement, your home value would rise by as much as $7,000.

Multi-purpose space

Apart from the additional home value a finished basement incurs, it can also serve as a recreation space, storage or perhaps, a workspace. Many options become available the moment a basement surface in your home. All you then need to do is either decorate it yourself according to the purpose or call an interior decorator to put a professional touch on it.


For homeowners looking to build equity, a basement might just save you tons of money if you can finish most or all of the basement yourself. It doesn't matter if you outsource more complex issues, like fixing of electrical work or plumbing. If you can handle it yourself, you will save a great deal of money.

Additional bathroom 

If an extra bedroom isn't what you want, what about an additional bathroom? Having more than one bathroom in your home can be of tremendous help, especially if your home is getting bigger as more kids or guest come in. 

The only downside with adding a bathroom is the cost. It is more expensive than just putting up drywall for demarcation. 

The advantages of having a finished basement are many. It is left for you to discover an advantage that you can explore and focus on. It could be the extra space it offers, the value it adds to your property, or perhaps a strive to build more equity. Whatever be the case, discover and utilize it.

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